Why You Should Visit the Pyramids and the Nile in Egypt

Why-You-Should-Visit-the-Pyramids-and-the-Nile-in-EgyptFirst, Why You Should Visit the Pyramids and the Nile in Egypt? There are few earthly elements that I think the country,

When you remember Egypt,

you will agree with me that the Pyramids and the River Nile are two that deserves a mention.

While your idea of fun might be to just chill in your hotel room or stay within its confines, it might interest you to broaden your expectations and see the Pyramids and the Nile up close and get to unravel those things you have heard so much about them.

Interesting Facts about the Pyramids

Here are some facts about the Pyramids that may pique your interest to visit them as you exploit your Egypt Travel:

  • As unbelievable as it may seem, considering the magnificence of each pyramid, humans built them.
  • As opposed to the popular notion that slaves built the Pyramids, the whole architecture and paintings in the Pyramids were entrusted in the hands of professionals who were well paid for their expertise.
  • There are over a hundred pyramids in Egypt and they concentrate on the west coast of the River Nile,

based on the notion that the west identifies as the place where deceased souls find eternal peace.

  • The architects meticulously measured the distance between each pyramid using accurate calculations to ensure that they don’t cast shadows over each other;

the reason for this is the belief that each king was upheld as “the sun” and as such shouldn’t overshadow each other.

Interesting Facts about the River Nile

The River Nile is one iconic place to visit as you book Egypt tours, and here are a few reasons why:

  • “The Father of All African Rivers” as it is popularly referred to, has grown in prominence as the most significant economic resource of Egypt;

this is the case considering the beehive of tourists that this location attracts them each season.

  • As opposed to the standard direction in which most rivers flow,

the River Nile flows distinctly from the South to the North; this is from the southern mountains to the northern valleys.

  • The valleys are a more fertile ground for plants to grow in the summer, considering that’s when the Nile outflows

and this has been a means in which the country has been able to maintain its food circulation.

  • There is a wide array of animals that sees the Nile as shelter. Two animals that are peculiar to the Nile are the Nile crocodile and papyrus.

Your visit to Egypt doesn’t have to be restricted to seeing popular cities in Egypt like Cairo, you should also take out time to explore your Egypt tour packages further by also checking out the popular Pyramids and the Nile.

Not only are they beautiful sites to behold,

but you also get a chance to learn more about Egyptian culture and heritage by visiting them.

So take advantage of your trip to Egypt to see the well talked about places in Egypt. Most definitely, it promises to be a fun experience for you.

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