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Egypt Travel- Land of History & Mystery

The ancient Egyptian civilization lasted for 3000 years, the Egyptians were settling along the fertile banks of the river Nile, that helped them to establish a magnificent and everlasting civilization whose achievements have captured the imagination of the world ever since. Although looking into the modern history of Egypt cannot ignore the great Past, but resulting the contrasts make it a unique place to visit. A trip to Egypt is a trip of a life time.
The great pyramids of Giza suborned the travellers not only nowadays but since the Roman age to come and seek the great history of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs that lasted since 3200 B.C till 332 B.C, do not hesitate and Join us in one of our adventures to this timeless destination, explore colorful tombs and temples to compile the life and times of one of the world’s greatest, oldest civilizations.
Discover the daily life of the Egyptians while cruising the Nile, our elite Luxury Nile cruises will disembark by iconic Cities, such as Luxor with its great temples and tombs of the golden age of ancient Egypt, Tutankhamen, Seti I and more. Explore the beauty of Aswan in a felucca down the river. Enjoy your private Egyptologist tour guide who will decipher the codes and deliver the messages written in hieroglyphic on the walls of the tombs and temples. Enjoy the bright sunshine reflected on the waters of the Nile. Breathe the sharp aroma of spices in a busy Street market. laugh as you haggle with the vendors. Taste the creamy flavor of baba ghannoush, made with eggplants, lemon juice, cumin and salt or a glass of strong and black Egyptian tea. Travel to Egypt and listen to the chatter of groups of locals gathered in coffee shops, sipping and laughing late into the afternoon.

Private Tour Egypt

This is the best way to travel to Egypt, this is the way how you can explore Egypt in one of our Luxury Tours. Stay in Luxury Hotels and Ultra deluxe Nile Cruises. In Cairo stay Marriott Mena House, Four Seasons, or Nile Ritz and Cairo Sheraton and more.
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