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We want it to be an experience you’ll never ever forget.

About Us

Our luxury tour packages to Egypt will be a mirror that reflects to you the History, Tales and Myth of ancient Egypt. in a way that helps you to gain information as much as anyone can study for yours, our private tours are designed simply for our travellers, those who love history and glory of the ancient Kings and queens of ancient Egypt. we will take you in a private tour to explore the pyramids of Egypt, as well the oldest stone building in the world better known as the step pyramid of Sakkara.

Amazing global travel offers to you tailor made private tours to learn about the secrets of colors that left by the great ancient Egyptian for thousands of years, to learn how to decipher the hieroglyphic codes on the walls of tombs and pyramids.

A Private Tour Guide

Tour agency who has at least 15 years of experience, leading tour around Egypt and also who knows where and when to go.

World Class Service

We sincerely believe that service quality must come first and quantity will come later and our main focus is on service quality.

Best Price Guarantee

We are not just selling Egypt Tours; we offer an experience of a lifetime. 100% guaranteed lifetime experience.

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