How to Maximize Easter Holidays in Egypt

2222The Easter Period is one exciting period to visit Egypt and it’s not because of the commemoration of the coming of Jesus Christ alone but

also because it coincides with Sham El Nessim, an age-long Egyptian occasion that marks the start of spring in Egypt that is usually done a day after Easter.

This leaves you with an opportunity to experience how Egyptians are celebrating both Easter

and Sham El Nessim Egypt – it’s like using one stone to kill two birds on your Egypt Travel.

 Sham El Nessim means “sniffing the breath” which connotes enjoying the natural essence the spring brings and as such is celebrated outdoors.

Traditional foods particular to celebrating this day 

As with norms and traditions, things are done in certain ways and the food is not left out.

In celebrating the start of spring, the norm is to eat colorful eggs for breakfast,

which connotes the joy that spring brings.

Also for other times of the day, you should eat salted dried grey mullet fish (fetish)

and herring with lemon and green onions as it’s the norm.

But it is advisable to not eat too much of this as it could be detrimental to your health.

How to Maximize Easter Holidays in Egypt  (Fun Places to Visit)

In the spirit of reconnecting with nature and enjoying the natural essence the spring brings,

there is no better destination to spend your Easter and Sham El Nessim other than going to parks and gardens.

Here is a list of most beautiful gardens and parks you can visit on this trip:

  • Africano Park

This is a Nature Conservation Park that houses animals that you may only see when you watch nature channels on TV.

The exciting thing about visiting this park is that the animals are let loose,

giving you room to interact and take photos with them as you like.

  • Al Azhar Park

This park is so well-known that it is one of the world’s sixty great public places.

Here in the park, you can enjoy an aerial view of the whole of Cairo by using the telescope.

Need I add that the garden is in close proximity to fine restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining.

  • Al Orman Garden

 One of the pros of visiting the Al Orman Garden by his time of the year is that they normally organize a flower exhibition around this time.

This gives you the opportunity to see a wide variety of flowers all in one place, take beautiful photos

and generally enjoy the beautiful scents of the flowers infiltrating the air – it’s like enjoying nature at its finest.

  • The International Garden

 Here you can get a sense of the world is in a place

because you can find trees and flowers nitpicked from all over the world.

The garden also houses a park for ostriches and rare birds and most importantly a museum for mummified animals.

The River Nile Cruise

 This is one activity that you shouldn’t miss out on as you visit Egypt on Easter for a whole lot of reasons:

The winds serenading your body, the people, the signature food ate on that day,

the beautiful music; every single element coming together to make your cruise worthwhile.

As you explore Egypt tour packages and book your ticket to celebrate Easter in Egypt,

one thing is for sure, you are definitely in for a fun ride.

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