Do’s and Don’ts for Women Visiting Egypt

Dos-and-Donts-for-Women-Visiting-EgyptDo’s and Don’ts for Women Visiting Egypt, Egypt is one of African’s choicest destinations for tourists around the world.

If you are nursing the idea of harnessing the Egypt tour packages and touring Egypt (with its beautiful terraces)

and you intend to do that as a woman or you will be going along with women,

Do’s and Don’ts for Women Visiting Egypt:-

they are the basic information you should be privy of before making that trip – this is to ensure you enjoy a hassle-free travel experience as you go about touring Egypt.

First, let’s begin with the don’ts

What You Shouldn’t Do As a Woman during Your Trip

  • Wearing Skimpy Clothes

 One thing every individual that is particular of tourism is to be more accommodating as regards other people’s norms and beliefs. Most parts of Egypt (especially in places like Cairo or other places where there are lots of locals in it) are very conservative; hence, you wearing skimpy dresses may attract unnecessary attention to you. To be safe, it is advisable to wear your more revealing clothes when you’re in the comfort of your hotel or when visiting cities in Egypt that are more open-minded, like Sinai, Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, etc.

  • Accepting invitations or Tour guides from Strangers 

Sometimes thieves or people who may hurt you come under the disguise of trying to help you. When offered to be guided by strangers, kindly tell them off by smiling warmly and telling them a plain ‘No, thank you’ or better still, “Laa Shokran” in Arabic.

  • Finding yourself in crowded spaces

By all means avoid being in crowded spaces, as it will be easy for you to be a prime target of thieves.

Now let’s get into the fun activities you should indulge in as you tour around Egypt.

  • Buying Perfumes 

Egyptians are exotic people and Perfumery is one craft that reflects their exoticness.

So take advantage of the heavenly perfumes you can find in their shops, and splurge as much as you can on them.

Need I add that these perfumes are rare to find anywhere else and even when you do,

they may be knockoffs, so seize this opportunity on this your Egypt Travel and add this priceless possession to your wardrobe.

  • Buying Accessories 

If you are a lover of accessories, Egypt is one place that will satisfy your pleasures.

There is a wide array of accessories to try your hands on and places like Khan el-Khalili Bazaar

or El Hussein district are like the hub of jewelry and other accessories.

  • Sampling Middle Eastern Pastries

Satisfy your sweet tooth as a woman and sample the mouth-watering pastries like Konafa, basbousa, couscous, atayef, etc.

that’s available in restaurants all around Egypt.

  • Henna

 This is a body painting that’s like an age-long tradition in Egypt for young girls who are about to get married

but has transcended to more of a fashion trend that’s widely acceptable.

In Egypt, you will find experts, who are good at this stuff, allow them to make your body their canvas

and make you look as beautiful as a young bride.

By applying the information here,

you rest assured of having the time of your life as a woman on your trip to Egypt.

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