The White Desert Safari Wonder

The White Desert Safari WonderThe White Desert Safari Wonder

Some people come to Egypt for the food, ancient tombstones and to see the pyramids. However, aside from these major tourist attractions, another interesting location to visit is The White Desert.

The White Desert, otherwise known as “Sahara El Beyda” is located North of Farafra (a town in Egypt) and is the main attraction for those on an Egypt tour who venture there.

This desert is unarguably the most visited desert in Egypt because of how surreal its structures seem.

Its vast expanse of white chalk-like sand creates different intricate shapes in the form of rocks.

Its beauty is nothing comparable to the other deserts around.

These structures (Inselbergs) are created as a result of the sandstorms that occasionally occur in the environment.

The wind carves out figures in various shapes that interestingly are recognizable to another material, structure or figure.

Some of the rock formations are the shapes of mushrooms, sphinx, hen, arches or human figure!

One of the most famous natural formations is the “chicken and tree” set or the “chicken and mushroom.”

I haven’t heard of any other location where you can observe the chickens and mushrooms naturally change their faces at night. It is as bizarre and awe-inspiring as it can get.

Upon entering the white desert, there is a sparkling hill at the entrance known as “Then Crystal Mountain”.

The desert was given its name because of the chalk and limestone layered deposit that covers the landscape partially.

The area which is arid now, millions of years ago, was underneath the water.

The remains of seashells, sea urchins and coral reefs can be found in the desert showing traces of what is left of the former water body.

The shapes on the desert were formed after the water was removed and the soil had undergone persistent erosion.

Imagine the glow the sunset would give these figures. Breathtaking, right?

Laws of gravity threaten the most fragile structures and the figures give off a mysterious vibe at night.

An Egypt tour package to the beautiful desert is not complete unless a tour of the neighboring Black Desert and the Valley of The Golden Mummies is taken.

The Black Desert is of volcanic origin and The Valley of Golden Mummies is a necropolis having various sarcophagi.

When to Visit

The best time for visitation is between October and April before the heat comes.

The desert is located near Cairo so it is never crowded.

You can visit without worrying about not being able to hear your tour guide because of the noise from the other tourists.

Who Can Visit

The White Desert is a lovely place to visit with friends and family. There are Egypt tour packages that could arrange a camping trip to the desert for you and your friends or colleagues.

Plan Your Visit

Due to the hot weather during the afternoons, it is recommended that you wear sunglasses, a hat and apply sunscreen.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing but do not wear revealing clothes because of the sun flies and burns.

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