What are the must-visit museums in Cairo?

1067944016While many people consider Cairo to be a bustling city brimming with energy, it is also a lively cultural hub where the nation’s legacy is clear from the moment you step foot into the city.

You can spend a week visiting the horde of museums in Cairo with us and still wouldn’t have sufficient time to discover them all.

To make it easy for you, we have compiled the best museums in Cairo to those fascinated by engrossing themselves in the rare history of Egypt.

National Geographic Society Museum

Not many tourists know about this museum, but if you are close to the El Shura Council Compound, think about stopping here. You will stumble upon five halls, each labelled: Egyptian Ethnography, Africa Hall, Suez Canal Hall, Cairo Hall, and a hall bestowed to Egypt. If you think about taking photographs of the museum, you will need to buy a photo pass beside the entrance fee. As this museum isn’t signed properly, consider hiring a guide before going in.

Gayer Anderson Museum

If you had the chance to catch up on the Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me then chances are you have got a sneak peek of this museum. Situated next to the Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun in the Islamic borough of Cairo, the building is named after a British officer in the Egyptian army and an Egyptian aficionado, Major Gayer-Anderson Pasha. This is one of Cairo’s finest examples of 17th-century local architecture.

Museum of Islamic Art

There’s no denying the intrigue and beauty associated with the bold colors and intricate designs of Islamic Art. In this museum, tourists have the chance to experience one of the finest ranges of this genre anywhere. The Museum of Islamic Art organizes its exhibits by subject or period, for instance, astronomy, science, calligraphy, and coins, amongst others. Besides the wealth of Islamic art shown off, the structure itself is splendid, hence worth a visit.

The Egyptian Museum

Situated in downtown Cairo, this two-level museum is also called the Museum of Egyptian Antiques and the Museum of Cairo. Don’t miss the garden next to the museum where a statue pays accolade to a French scholar, Auguste Mariette who founded the Egyptian Department of Antiquities, as well as 23 busts of eminent Egyptologists, are put on display. Even though some of the collection from the museum is supposed to be transferred to the new Grand Egyptian Museum, this “mother” of Egyptian museums will continue to be the number one choice for visitors and locals.

Coptic Museum

The Coptic Museum is located within the walks of the Fortress of Babylon in Old Cairo. This museum features the most wide-ranging collection of Egyptian Christian artifacts in the whole world and pays homage to the Copt’s centuries-old legacy. Over the years, folks in the community have made a contribution towards several pieces comprising a remarkable collection of 16,000 artworks as well as 6,000 papyrus manuscripts including the Psalms of Nag Hammadi and David.

Bearing in mind the massive concentration of museums in Cairo, you will want to spend more time in the city. When you are about to book Egypt tours with our company make sure the Egypt tour packages include this set of museums.

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