Detailed guide to cultural festivals and holidays in Egypt

Egy-RecoveredA country so culturally rich, festivals and public holidays is a part of life of the people living in the country. These are also the best time to visit the country, especially if you wish to witness the grandeur of the festivals.

Egypt is predominantly a Muslim countrywith a large minority of Coptic Christians and a mélange of other religions that make it an exciting destination for religious, secular and ancient cultural festivals. They pour out into the streets to enjoy impromptu song and dance performances and eat traditional foods. If you wish to be a part of one of the public celebration with your family, make sure to book Egypt tour packages with us.

First of Muharram

This is to commemorate of the beginning of the Hijary or the Islamic year according to the Islamic calendar. It is also considered as a holiday amongst the Egyptians as they celebrate new beginnings and a year of positivity and good health.

RabeaAwal 12th Egypt Festival

This is a major Islamic festival that marks the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, also known as “Moulid al Nabawy” in Egypt. You can find streets brimming with acrobats, musicians, drummers, etc. Families and friends alike gather together and greet each other and present the traditional sweet which is “Halawet El-Moulid”. You can find delicious traditional food like candy dolls and Hummus,traditional food of Moulin an-Nabi, sold at roadside food stalls. Moulid al Nabawy is considered to be the traditional holiday of Egypt.

Ragab 12th and 15th of Shaban

All the Muslims in Egypt honor and celebrate the 27th of Ragab which is known as “Laylat El-Esraaand Miraj” the day that Prophet Muhammad is believed to have ascended to heaven. It is observed as a national holiday in Egypt in some Muslim countries.

Shaban 15th Night Egypt Festival

This is a special night that the Prophet Mohamed has mentioned in his Hadeth and people celebrate it by reading a part of the holy book Quran. This day is not usually considered as a holiday though people honor it with religious observances.

Ramadan in Egypt

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims in the country refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activity between sunrise and sunset every day. People join with their families to break the fast with celebratory feasts called ‘Iftar’. The first item traditionally consumed is dates. If you visit Egypt during Ramadan month, you’re likely to see Egyptians at their most generous form. The customary greeting to be recited wherever possible has a generous Ramadan or “Ramadan Kareem“. The end of the month is commemorated with a three-day festival called ‘Eidul-Fitr’.

Coptic celebrations

January 7 the birth of Jesus Christ according to Coptic Christian Calendar and most Egyptians regardless of their religion join in the festivities, especially in Cairo and other Coptic regions. Streets lined with holiday bazaars with homes & offices decked with colorful lights and decorations. Followed by the midnight mass on Christmas Eve, people gather to celebrate and eat a traditional dish of rice, garlic and meat soup called fata.

There are other public holidays that are observed in the country Egypt throughout the year like National Police Day, Sinai Liberation Day, Egyptian revolution day, etc. We as a renowned tour operator in the city is offering exciting packages to book luxury Egypt tours you browse through. Hence, hurry and get in touch with us.

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