Visit the mysterious Pyramid of Queen Shesheshet in Egypt

mysterious-Pyramid-of-Queen-Shesheshet-in-EgyptA Pyramid of unknown origin was unearthed by Egyptian archeologists on September 2008. On further investigation it was discovered that the Pyramid belonged to Queen Shesheshet, mother of the Pharaoh Teti (2323-2291 B.C).

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a pyramid of an unknown origin in the desert located south of Cairo. They thought it was the resting place of a female pharaoh who ruled over 4,000 years ago. The pyramid, found September 2008, is believed to be the place to bury Queen Shesheshet. She was the mother of King Teti, who ruled Egypt from 2323 to 2291 BC and founded the country’s sixth dynasty. Over the course of years it has attracted many tourists who flocked to quench their thirst for mysteries of ancient Egypt. Travelers can book Egypt guided tours packages with us to witness of the beauty of the lost and found Pyramid of Queen Shesheshet.

This is the 118th pyramid found in Egypt. It is 5 meters high; 22 meters long on each side and is located near the oldest pyramid in Saqqara, the graveyard of ancient Egyptian kings. The Sixth Dynasty, a time of conflict in Egypt’s royal family and erosion of centralized power, is considered to be the last dynasty of the Old Kingdom, after which Egypt descended into famine and social upheaval.Egyptian archaeologists once discovered the pyramid for Teti’s queens near the location of the new pyramid, but they never found the Shesheshet’s grave.

The Mysteries of Queen Shesheshet

The mother of King Teti was known for her baldness as discovered from a medical papyrus dating back to the New Kingdom. Shesheshet had asked her doctors to find a cure for her loss of hair. She was identified with the divinity Isis, goddess of motherhood; also she was protected by the goddess of festivities and love, Hathor. Today, there is little data on the political role Shesheshet might have played; But Archeologists who have investigated Shesheshet’s tomb have yet to enter the pyramid’s burial chamber. Archeologists entered the pyramid on January 8, 2009, and discovered remains of Shesheshet which were found in the sarcophagus of the tomb but that remains unquestioned as it was heavily roped.

The mummy was found wrapped in cloth in the 22-meter long and four-meter wide chamber. The tomb contains enchanting graphic designs which reveal great and important details about the 6th Dynasty of the old kingdom which represent the first peek of the Pharaonic Civilization.

Artefacts, including a wooden statue of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis and funerary figurines dating from a later period, indicated that the cemetery had been re-used through Roman times.

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