Wonders of the Nile You Won’t Like to Miss

Wonders of the NileDiscover the wonders of the Nile during your Egypt tours for 12 days.

The towering pyramids, Egypt’s sacred sites, exotic beaches, fancy cruise ship trip on the Nile and visits to interesting archaeological locations make an Egypt travel what it really is.

Our designers are at your disposal to offer you the perfect trip to suit your preferences while entertaining and educating you on the country’s sights to see.

Over the years, tourism in Egypt has become more thrilling. The locals are more welcoming to show their culture and lifestyle to tourists. Tour packages and itineraries have improved and tempt even an average tourist to try out at the cruise on the Nile. This cruise offers exciting activities that run for days, keeping the fun up.

If you are looking to go on an Egypt trip, now is the time. The spring and autumn weather are breathtaking with the sunshine above them and the weather is just pleasant.

Sights of Cairo

An Egypt tour package including a trip to Cairo is a great way to start your Egypt travel. Spend a full day seeing the highlights of ancient Egypt. Learn about the history of ancient Egypt and the culture of the ancient Egyptians. The first day offers a trip to the city of Memphis and all the way to the majestic towering Pyramids.

The second day gets even more exciting with a tour of the Egyptian Museum. Take your time to shop through the hustle and bustle of Khan El-Khalili Bazaar; and get an amazing view of the beautiful city of Cairo from the elite Garden City. A souvenir or two would surely give an interesting memory of your Egypt travel.

Cruise of The Nile

The luxury Egypt travel avails a trip via a cruise ship for the next four nights. A cruise of the Nile is a perfect way to familiarize with Egypt’s relics and antiquities. These four nights prove to be very exciting with night-time entertainment and a fun-filled Galabeya party. This party is peculiar for its traditional music and Egyptian garb attire.

Expert Egyptologists will guide you through land tours that include visits to tourist sites such as temples at Luxor, Temple of Horus and the Aswan High Dam. Feel free to ask your tour guides about anything you desire to know about Egypt.

Red Sea Beaches

After the four nights of partying and cruising, unwind from the trip’s whirlwind by basking in the delight of the beaches of the Red Sea, located in Sharm El Sheikh. There are many water activities available for you to enjoy; such as, boating and snorkeling. It is great to spend your final day in Cairo by crowning it all with this event.

Customized Trips to Egypt

The Wonder of the Nile Luxury Egypt tour package offers a lot of promising activities. To customize your own journey to your finances and preferences, contact our designer to help you out. Learn more about the beautiful country and its culture during your tour.

Book your luxury tour to Egypt and luxury Nile cruises now with us.

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