The Best Time to Visit Egypt

People all over the world visit Egypt all year round for various reasons. The best time to visit is a major consideration you may want to settle before beginning your plan for the next vacation to Egypt.

We’ll show you 3 factors that could determine when it will be the best fit your time of visitation. Though you could visit at any time around the year, weather, cost or festivity could be a major determinant to when you would want to visit.

Weather Consideration

If the weather is the key determinant for your visit then October to April will be the best time. These are the times when the Egyptian weather is most pleasant, more friendly than any time of the year in Egypt.

In Cairo and the Nile Delta region, October to February is cool. The evenings and nights are the coolest. Ensure to take a jacket, long sleeves, and trousers. And other things you may need to keep you warm.

If you intend to avoid the hot sun in Egypt then these are the best times to visit. You have great weather and several monuments to see, Egyptian food to eat and new people to meet.

September, March, and April offer great day time temperature and are ideal months for red sea sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling.

Those tourists and vacationists who consider weather as an important factor to enjoy the best of these periods, they take advantage of this weather and have a time of their life as they enjoy their money.

Festive Season Consideration

The New Year and Easter are the most common season’s tourists and others love to visit. If you intend to visit Egypt around these periods then you’ll need to book early.

December and January are peak tourist seasons. These months can be uncomfortably crowded. The cost of everything from accommodation to food, transportation to tour guides is usually higher.

If you can’t cope with the high cost, overcrowdedness and ticket rush that comes with this period then you may need to reschedule for another time.

Cost Consideration

The sweltering shoulder-season months of June to September are when tours and accommodation are at the cheapest. Vacationing in Egypt is generally affordable compared to Paris, London, Dubai, etc but these are the periods where you can get a swell experience at the cheapest.

The weather at these periods is not too pleasant but not unbearable. With adequate preparation, you will get the best out of the vacation experience.

If the crowd is an issue to you coupled with the cost then this is the best time for you to visit. You have fewer people traveling to Egypt at this time. The few thousands who visit have less expensive foods, transportation, and accommodation. And also less rush at tourist sites, less traffic and more options of sites to visit freely with less money.

You can now decide when is best suited for you to visit Egypt that will best meet your expectations. Egypt is a great place to consider visiting on your next vacation.

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