Ancient Egyptian Temples You Should Visit

Ancient-Egyptian-TemplesAncient Egyptian Temples You Should Visit, Egypt has a rich history. You can easily find its history in books and movies around the world.

One aspect of this history is its temples. Also several other religious or mystical worship originated from Egypt.

These temples are one of the major attractions to Egypt, the ancient art and craft, architecture and design that has stood the test of time is one to behold.

Some visit these temples for academic and research purposes, some just for site seeing and to experience the ancient world.

Whatever your reason is you’re sure to be marveled and satisfied.

Philae Temple

This is one of the temples in Egypt tourists like to visit, built in honor of the goddess Isis. Among all the temples, this is the last classical Egyptian style temple. It’s also the last outpost where the goddess was worshipped. It was constructed during the reign of Ptolemy between 690 and 280 BC. The temple walls carry scenes of Osiris while she comes back to life by the Egyptian mythology, Isis and mummifying Osiris after his death. They are beautiful scenes to behold.

Karnak Temple

The Arabic word for Karnak is a fortified village. The Karnak Temple Complex, generally called Karnak is a vast complex of ancient temples, pylons, chapels and other buildings of rich Egyptian history near Luxor, in Egypt.

No doubt that Karnak is an important site because it’s the contact point the supreme leader of the earth, Pharaoh, who represented the Egyptian people and the supreme ruler of the universe, Amun. This is one of the most visited temple sites in Egypt. Young ones and older are fascinated with the many ancient architecture and design here.

Kom Ombo Temple

Ambo and Ombi is a famous agricultural town in Egypt. What really made it famous is the Temple of Kom Ombo. The first name of the city was Nubt or Nubyt, which means the city of Gold. It became a Greek settlement during the Greco-Roman period. The ancient art and craft on the walls of this temple is one that will inspire you and cause you to imagine the depth of thought and wisdom of the ancient people.

Hathor Temple

This temple is a history of history. The goddess is believed to be the primeval goddess from whom all other goddesses were derived.

This explains the relationship between this ancient Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet, and Isis.

The goddess design is usually a woman with a cow form with ears and head.

People troop here yearly just to see for themselves the art and forms of ancient Egyptian worship in this area.

Khnum Temple

You can spell the name Khnum Chnum, Knum or Khnemu.

This God is one of the oldest in Egypt. Its name means to create so it’s no wonder God refers to the creator.

He was the God of the Nile inundation from elephantine where he guarded the first cataract.

All kinds of people visit this temple yearly for several reasons.

The next trip you make to Egypt, try visiting these temples as one of your priorities just in case you’ve not.

It’s fun and informative to see how the ancient world lived.

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