The Amazing Egyptian Cuisine

Egyptian-CuisineThe Amazing Egyptian Cuisine

Like other countries situated in the East Mediterranean, Egypt is just as interesting and fascinating. With its stories of ancient history, its deserts, and scuba diving, Egypt is one country that would leave you in awe! And its cuisine is no different.

There are several dishes which are common to various parts of the world you might find yourself in. For example, Shawarma and stuffed vegetables are common.

When going on an Egypt travel, there are meals you should definitely get a taste of while you’re still in the country. However, whilst there are some common dishes served in Egypt, the country also has its traditional cuisine! Tasty, right?!

Here are some typically traditional Egyptian foods you should try when in Egypt.

  1. Koshari

Koshari or Koshary is one of the traditional foods in Egyptian cuisine.

The meal is an interesting mix of lentils, rice, macaroni (pasta), a spicy tomato sauce and garlic vinegar sauce. It is garnished off with some chickpeas and crispy fried/caramelized onions. For such a loaded meal, it is surprisingly cheap.

Sometimes, the garlic vinegar sauce can be substituted with a chili sauce.

  1. Mahshi

If you are going on an Egypt travel and you are a vegetarian, then make sure to try this one out before leaving.

This meal comes in a variety. It is a preferred choice of vegetable (it could be zucchini, cabbage, bell peppers, eggplant, potatoes or grapevine leaves) stuffed with a filling consisting of herbs, rice, tomato sauce, seasoning, and cinnamon. Sometimes, minced meat is also added to the filling.

The food is similar to the Greek “Dolma” which is stuffed grapevine leaves with filling.

It is certainly a mouth-watering meal!

  1. Ful Medammes

Ful is the typical traditional staple for Egyptian breakfast. It has a low cost of preparation and is loaded with nutrients that make it readily accessible to even the common people.

Ful is prepared using Fava beans (broad beans) that are cooked with oil and salt. It is usually soaked overnight and boiled for hours with low heat until the beans casing is removed. The beans can be given flavor with garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Unlike ancient times, there is now a pre-cooked type of Fava beans sold in grocery stores and markets. This saves cooking time.

Ful is traditionally eaten with eggs, bread and/or cheese. It is an easy, quick and sumptuous breakfast meal.

  1. Falafel

Falafel is another traditional breakfast for the Egyptians. It can be made with chickpeas but the Egyptian authenticity comes into play when it is made with Fava beans.

When making Falafel, the Fava beans are soaked overnight then processed with a food processor. It is then mixed with fresh herbs, onions, and flavorful spices, giving it a rich and colorful look and taste. Thereafter, it is rolled into balls and fried.

It is served with pita bread, eggs, and cheese.

  1. Umm Ali

Umm Ali, otherwise Om Ali, can be translated into English meaning “Ali’s Mother”.

They say this dish is one for the sweet tooth. It is consisting of bread mixed with milk and sugar. It is usually topped with a combination of raisins, coconut, and nuts and is served hot.

This one is definitely a must-try for travelers going to Egypt.


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