6 Things You Should Do When In Cairo

81weaCgTXWL._SL1500_The city of Cairo has a lot of exciting things to do and to be included in your Egypt tour packages. From learning about the history of the beautiful country to trying out their local food, Cairo has a lot in store to offer. Go on exciting adventures and explore the city to understand its people and culture.

Here is a list of 6 things you should definitely do when in Cairo.

  1. Study Ancient History of Egypt

  • If you have a deep longing to unravel the unanswered questions of the past, then you should see the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops. This pyramid is among the Seven Wonders of The World.
  • Saqqara comprises tombs, pyramids, and temples. Today, there are fifteen burial tombstones and a ton of artifacts that have been found. The main attractions of the Saqqara are hidden underground and it is said to hold many secrets.
  • Several kilometers away from the Nile canals are situated in the royal necropolis in Dakhshur. There you can find the “Broken” Pyramids.


  1. Explore Cairo’s Surrounding On Foot

Some things are best done in a certain way. Being a tourist in Cairo, it is necessary that you ditch any other means of transport when going through some streets. Walking along a street like Al Muiz has a feeling to it. Twilight period shows the street’s uniqueness as several architectural monuments leave an awe-striking view to the eye. Walking allows you to discover the beauty in the medieval houses, mansions, and palaces that sparkle at night.

  1. Try The Local Food

Egyptian cuisine is exotic in many ways. The kebab, falafel, shawarma are peculiar to Egyptian cuisine but in actuality, you never did travel to Egypt if you didn’t try out Koshari. This is a dish made from pasta, rice, chickpeas, and other vegetables.

  1. Take a Nile Cruise

At the very core of the city, there is a peaceful atmosphere that contradicts the city’s business. In Felucca, the middle of the Nile, watching the sunset can be a sight to behold. Nile Cruises can take from an hour to a number of days. This cruise guarantees a relaxing feeling throughout your Egypt travel. The best time to go on a cruise is between October to mid-April. There is no scorching sun and the weather is very pleasant.

  1. Partake in the night life

Cairo is a city that is known to come alive as the sun goes down. The streets are brightly lit and the cafes are bustling with people. Take a trip to the upmarket Hayda restaurant and enjoy ambience the evening gives. Check out other local bars and restaurants to witness Cairo’s nightlife.

Interestingly, the bars are mostly occupied by other tourists.

  1. Smoke Some Hookah

Hookah is available in almost any local bar or café. However, a lot of Egyptians do not refer to it as “Hookah”. Typically, the Egyptians smoke “shisha” and this is done as a ritual throughout Egypt.

Find a taste that appeals to you; peppermint, mango, double apple or chocolate and enjoy a thrilling ritual. Book your luxury tour to Egypt and luxury Nile cruises now with us.

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