Best Places You Can Visit in Egypt

1The Best places you can visit in Egypt

I think that the highlight of any tourism travel is when it is time to smile for the camera. You visit a place, it blows you away and the next thing you are thinking is how to capture these moments. Some capture moments for memory purposes and others for sharing with friends and families so as to rake in the likes. For some, memorable Instagram-able pictures transcend beyond just for memory and sharing, it is business. They are constantly in search of high-quality stock photos that can be sold for good amounts on the Internet.

If you find yourself in any of these categories, I am pleased to inform you that you are not alone. Most of us do. And the introduction of Instagram has made it even more fun for us.

We understand all of your needs for amazing pictures, therefore we have gone through the trouble of selecting places you can pose for some shots when next you visit Egypt.

Best Places You Can Visit in Egypt

  1. Pyramid of Giza

Have you seen any of “the mummy” movies? If you have, then you have seen those architectural masterpieces that slant up with a sharp peak. Even if you are not the movie type, you must have seen the pyramid and the Sphinx somewhere as these monuments are so closely related to the Egyptian people and culture.

Now have you ever considered getting wonderful pictures standing next to or atop a pyramid and the Sphinx? To make for a better picture, you can put on a turban and pose on one of the available camels.

  1. Egyptian Museum and Temples

Egypt was one of the cradles of early civilization and the museums hold tremendous proofs. You can go back in time when you pose with some of those relics that you will find in the museum. You can ask your guide for the grand foyer, there you can get breathtaking pictures too.

The temples of Luxor and Kanak are ancient temples you can visit, learn and smile big for the camera.

  1. View from Cairo Tower

This tower used to be the tallest structure in North Africa. Although it has been overtaken, there is no debate about whether this structure can give you a great view of the Cairo city. Pictures from here are bird’s eye view.

  1. The Khan El Khalili – Marketplace

Have you heard of “beauty in chaos”? You can get this when you stop over for a few shots at the Khan El Khalili – Marketplace. While at the Khalili, be sure to visit the Qahwet Fishawi for some pictures too.

  1. Religious Centers Such as the Mosque of Mohammed Ali and the Hanging Church in Cairo

Feeling a little religious? There is something for you in Cairo when you visit these sites.

Other places are the Nile River and the Al Azhar Park. To find all these places easily, I will recommend that you explore the Egypt tour packages that are available. When you book Egypt tours, a tour guide will be assigned to you. He will ensure that you visit the best locations and find the best spots only.


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