A First Time Visitor to Egypt

A First Time Visitor to Egypt If the name “Egypt” didn’t pop up in all your history classes, then it is either your teachers who didn’t complete the syllabus or you were a serial class skipper. Well, let’s say you heard your teacher mention Egypt and you further saw their monuments on TV and you heard of their rich prehistoric background and now it has piqued your interest.

The only problem is if you consider Egypt travel now, it will be your first time and you really don’t know what to expect. Worry no more, we got you covered. We have detailed out for you what you need to travel; what you should do when you get there; and additional tips to ensure smooth tourism.

What You Need to Travel

Don’t expect a long list for it is as easy as it gets. All you need as an American is your valid passport, an Egyptian visa meant for American citizens, and a few bucks to throw around. The cool thing about the visa is that you can either apply online or at the airport when you arrive, it cost as low as $25 USD. If you are not traveling from America, you also need a passport and your visa.

What You Should Do When You Get There

If you are a tourist looking to have fun, learn and capture wonderful memories, then an Egypt travel is right for you. That is a claim, come with us as we show you the proofs.

  1. The pyramids and the Sphinx located in Giza

As one of the seven wonders of the world, it will be typically unwise for you to visit Egypt and not visit the great pyramids that are over 4000 years in age. When you visit there, you can learn about the Sphinx and the pyramids as they have underlying connotations. You can as well pose for a snapshot close to these monuments.

2. Egyptian Museum in Cairo

With over 120,000 antiques and relics, a museum is a place for you to visit for a prehistoric run-down. You will find amongst other things, mummies of dead pharaohs, head masks, and ancient pieces of jewelry.

3. Valley of the Kings

This is the site where Egypt buried all of its famous pharaohs. You can access the tombs when you pay a token and trust me, the tour is breathtaking. At the valley of the kings, you will be told about the various pharaohs and their contributions to civilization

4. The Catacombs in Alexandria

It is the biggest Roman burial site in the whole of Egypt. It has three tiers, all of which are accessible to you.

Additional Tips

  • Women are only expected to be on the hijab when entering the mosques.
  • The cost of visiting many of the Egyptian sites ranges from 50 to 100 Egyptian pounds.
  • Choose winter to visit as the sun in summer can be problematic.

Conclusively, we realize that as a first-timer, you may have difficulty in navigating these places that we have mentioned, but with Egypt tour packages, you will be picked up and given a tour of a lifetime. All you have to do is book Egypt tours prior to your arrival.


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