What to See in Christian Old Cairo

Christian Old CairoWhat to See in Christian Old Cairo ,The Coptic churches here have been well preserved. There are 6 of them you may want to see when you visit. Their service is difficult for what the average Christian has seen. You may want to take note of this when you visit. The services are connected in these languages: Coptic, Arabic, and Latin.

If you’re thinking of an Egypt travel on your next holiday as a Christian or someone interested in the ancient Coptic Christian history be sure to visit these places.

Church of St Mary

Many consider it the most beautiful. It was built in the third century on the bastion of the Roman Babylonian fortress. This is why the Arabs call it Al-Muallak – the hanging Church.

The walls of this church are decorated with beautiful icons not so different from the traditional Christian types.

Church of Abu Serga

This is another very famous church in old Cairo. She stands above the grotto where Mary the virgin mother of Jesus hid from King Herod who sought to kill Jesus. A great area to visit on your next Egyptian tour.

It is located on the right side of a narrow pedestrian lane, just about 200 meters from the entrance to the fort.

St. Barbara

Not far from the Church of Abu Serga is the St. Barbara. It is believed to be founded in 684.

Ben Ezra Synagogue

From afar you’ll take this for one of the Coptic churches because of the architecture of the synagogue. It is not just similar but practically no different from the Coptic churches.

It has several gates, towers, and fortification walls.

Chapel of St. George

Just walking past the labyrinths of narrow ancient streets of the Coptic quarter, is where this magnificent structure is situated. For anyone to go into the chapel you’ll need to go down the old stone steps.

When inside you cannot but notice the stunning ancient mosaic canvas depicting St. George with a spear piercing it into a snake.

The gates are wooden and old. The height is 7.6m and the width 2.2m.

Church of St. Georg

When here the Coptic Convent allows everyone to meet with the priests and even enter the old town. You’ll get to see the relics of St. George.

The Coptic Museum

You can also visit the Coptic museum. It’s quite an interesting site with so much of religious history. You’ll find items of over a thousand years. Some of which are manuscripts, icons, church utensils, dishes, weapons, stone details, etc.

Some Useful Information for Tourists

For those who don’t want too much-crowded areas, the first half of the day on weekdays is the best for you. There is usually a huge crowd of tourists on the weekends.

The Opening hours of the Coptic churches and the museum are as follows:

8:00 – 16:00 daily

9:00 – 15:00 daily for Ramadan Periods

It will sure take anyone a whole day to walk around Old Cairo. The walk, of course, will be on to remember. Walking through a history of thousand years past is sure a big walk through ancient times.

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