Six Interesting Things to do in Egypt

Pyramids, tombs and caves: When these words are mentioned, the mind almost immediately thinks of the beautiful country of Egypt. Home to many of the best archeological findings, Egypt is sure to provide you with a lot of sights to see should you decide to visit.

Without a doubt, millions of tourists flock to Egypt to see these great pyramids and archeological findings which eventually make those sites busy and chaotic. You might not like that. You might want to get away from the crowd and see Egypt in a different light.

This article highlights interesting things you can do and see in Egypt that don’t involve sand and dust.

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt

  • Eat at Koshary Abou Tarek

Eating and trying out new cuisine is one of the best parts of traveling. To try out local Egyptian food in Cairo then you definitely need to visit Koshary Abou Tarek. This restaurant serves one of the best local dishes in Egypt.

  • Watch and Enjoy a Traditional Egyptian Sufi Dance

This beautiful dance dates back over 7 centuries and it really is a sight to behold with colorful and beautiful skirts whirling in the air. There are several spots in Cairo where you can watch the dance.

  • Visit the Cave Church in Garbage City

A church in Egypt? Now, this is something you would like to see considering that Egypt is mostly dominated by people with the Islamic faith.

This church is said to be the largest in the Middle East and it has the capacity to hold up to 20,000 people at once. The city where the church sits in has the name “Garbage City” because of the large number of garbage collectors that live in the area.

Things to do Luxor, Egypt

  • Explore the local market

Check out Luxor’s local market to feel what the shopping scene is like in Egypt. There are souvenirs like shirts, scarves, and cups in case you are in the mood for shopping. Remember to always bargain and don’t just buy based on the initial price a vendor mentions.

Things to do in Aswan

  • Spice up your pantry at the Aswan Spice Market

This is one of the best markets in Egypt to get spices. At the market, you can expect to find spices of different types and friendlier vendors as well. If you love to cook at your own for you should definitely check the market out.

  • Cool yourself at the Botanical Gardens

How would you like to visit an island in the middle of the Nile? El Nabatat is a beautiful botanical garden right in the middle of the Nile where you can enjoy the smell and sight of exotic flowers. You can also relax from the heat thanks to the cool breeze that blows from the Nile and tree shades

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