Egypt’s capital, is the largest city in the Middle East, with a population of over 10 million.
Known as the city of a thousand minarets, Cairo boasts some of the finest Islamic architecture in the world, in particular the Muhammed Ali and Al-Azhar Mosques.

The other principal draw is Cairo’s proximity to the Ancient Egyptian towns of Giza and Memphis, meaning that the most popular things to do include day-trips to Great Pyramid of Giza and Sphinx and to the even older Saqqara Pyramids.

Other top tourist attractions include the Khan El-Khalili Market (make sure you barter!), the 187-metre tall Cairo Tower, the tranquil Al-Azhar park, and the medieval Citadel.

Cairo also boasts great food, culture (it is home to Al-Azhar university, the world’s second oldest educational institution), entertainment (many go to watch belly dancers or whirling dervishes, with bars, clubs and casinos also in abundance), and weather (the yearly average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius).

Attractions in Cairo

〉 Great Pyramid of Giza
〉 Muhammad Ali Mosque
〉 Egyptian Museum Cairo
〉 Saqqara Pyramids
〉 The Khan El-Khalili Market

〉 The Mosque of Al-Azhar
〉 Al-Azhar Park
〉 Cairo Tower
〉 The Citadel
〉 Coptic Cairo

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